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Use the power of Amazon for your next campaign

Choose a deal to offer your customers, create an irresistible offer available on what is normally a quiet day for sales - 'Tshirt Tuesday' is a good starting point - then we design a t-shirt for your customer to wear on that day to redeem the deal.

Advertise the deal in your latest marketing material, website or facebook page. You can even display framed shirts at your national branches. We'll generate a unique QR code to access the sales page and setup tracking to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Your customer clicks the link or scans the QR code with their smartphone and lands on the amazon page with your tshirt for sale, they can order via Prime to get their own tshirt and redeem the deal, all fulfilled by Amazons' famous quality, support and customer service.

Your business get new customers, free marketing on the deal day around the business by customers wearing your shirts. Each month we send you the profits off the shirts based on your sales.

Real Life Case Study

About Merchjoy

We are a new company helping national businesses target local customers, leveraging the power and reputability of Amazon to create new customers and loyal fans of your products.

With over 20 years experience in marketing and design, we are committed to creating profitable marketing campaigns for you.


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How it works in real life

A real world case study will give you an idea of how this simple system can create powerful results

Mid-week Quiet Periods?

ABC Pizza Cafe was in a slump because their sales fell dramatically mid-week. So, they worked with me to create a t-shirt saying ABC Pizza Cafe Is My Tuesday Jam.

Market it like hell!

They promoted it on FB and with flyers saying, "Step 1: Visit Amazon and buy our Tee. Step 2: Wear it to the cafe on Tuesdays for a free appetizer and drink with your pizza purchase."

Amazing Results

Their sales skyrocketed on Tuesdays, and they even made a commission on each shirt sold!

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